Stop losing calls, start gaining business!

Companies that depend on cell phones for communicating with their customers don’t take into consideration the limit of two simultaneous calls they can receive. All other calls are lost, without anyone even knowing about them. This results in wasted business opportunities, weaker sales, and reduced market share.

BCM SOLUTION provides solutions for you to always be in contact with your customers.

Why VoIP (and not standard telephony)?

The question we are asked most often is: Why do business with BCM SOLUTION when I can find cheaper mobile telephony plans, with unlimited calls?

Our answer is straightforward: For our professional value-added services that enhance your business.

We don’t aim to compete with the major telephony providers, and we don’t encourage our customers to abandon their cell phones. A standard mobile telephony plan may offer unlimited calls, but it does not support the full set of services that your business needs.

Please find below a sample of features we offer that are not present in standard telephony plans.

Single point of contact for your business

It is neither efficient nor professional to expect your customers to call you sequentially on one number then another, in order to reach an available line. This only guarantees missed calls and opportunities.

A reliable business has a single contact phone number, that can process multiple calls simultaneously.

If your website or promotional material features multiple phone numbers, we can help improve your image.

Call queues

We can assign you a single phone number that will be handled by multiple agents. Callers will hear music on hold until an agent is available to take their call.

If it is correctly dimensioned, the call queue will never ring busy. Even if you only have one employee who answers the phone, the queue can hold any number of calls you require.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response is the service that allows routing inbound calls based on the callers’ options: 

ex: For new orders press 1, for customer service press 2, etc.

Based on the digit pressed, the call will be automatically routed inside your company towards the department or call queue of their choice.

Call recording

For quality assurance purposes, this call may be recorded. Sounds familiar, does it not?

We offer cloud storage space, so you can easily find recorded calls in your account.

Of course, we will only record calls at your request, and only for the users you specify.

Conference bridge

Do you coordinate field agents, vendor or customer meetings?

We offer dedicated access phone numbers so you can organize phone conferences.

All those invited will receive a conference number (PIN code) so they can seamlessly join the correct session.

Work from home

Do you have employees who work from home, or maybe you want to open a call-center with remote agents?

As long as they have access to the internet, and a VoIP application on their cell phone or laptop, your employees benefit from the same advanced telephony features as their colleages in the office.

We offer everything you need for a business continuity plan, or business as usual.


If you own equipment or applications with access to a video camera, our platform lets you participate in video calls.

For example, you can organize a video call between two conference rooms in different office buildings, even on different continents, as easily as you would place a phone call.

Standard PBX services

Our platform supports all the standard PBX features: call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, etc.

We also offer special features, such as the option to see if some devices are busy or not, or the option to answer calls for another device, for example by an assistant if the executive is unavailable.

Deployment options

Before purchasing a PBX, we kindly ask you to first consider the benefits of our cloud telephony services: you no longer need to worry about configuration and maintenance costs, or pay wages to dedicated staff, etc.

Software PBX

This solution implies installing VoIP software on your equipment.

Download Windows Softphone or Android / iOS Device

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